AT Math

Academically Talented Math Program

What is AT?

District 303 offers an Academically Talented Program (AT) for students in the areas of Math and Literacy.

Identification Process

The AT identification process begins in 3rd grade for 4 th grade placement and occurs again in 5th grade for 6 th grade placement. The process includes an achievement test, an ability test, a content-based placement test, and a learner characteristics rating scale. The Academically Talented identification process is as follows:

  •  In the fall, all 3rd and 5th grade students will take an achievement and abilities test
  • Using the fall achievement and ability test results, the top 20% of 3rd and 5th grade students district-wide in literacy and/or math will be identified to:

              -  Take the content-based placement test(s)

              -  Have a learner characteristics rating scale completed by their classroom teacher

  • The scores from all of the four above assessments will be used to identify the top 5% of students district-wide in literacy and/or math, who will be recommended for Academically Talented placement
  •  In addition to AT identification, for students entering 6th grade, the top 2% of students in literacy and math will be recommended for Infinity placement

AT Literacy is taught within the regular classroom, by the classroom teacher, beginning in 4th grade.

AT Math is a pull out program, taught by the AT Math Teacher, during the classroom math time, beginning in 4th grade.

If you have further questions, please contact me!

Mrs. Balster

AT Math Instructor

Mrs. Balster



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