The mission of the LRC program is to provide students and staff with quality resources, guided access to information, and instruction in order to support the curriculum, enhance teaching, and foster a lifelong love of reading and learning in all students.

About the Lincoln LRC

All of our Lincoln students visit the LRC during the week for book checkout. Students also come to the LRC to work on learning projects and activities. (over the years, this has come to be known as "Discovery" time.) These activities frequently involve the use of technology and are in line with our district curriculum and learning standards.

They are planned cooperatively by the directors and the classroom teachers. When we have a break between projects, we use educational software that encourages students to use their critical thinking skills.

Checking Out Books

The library is designed to be open and responsive to the needs and interests of students and staff. Children are welcome to exchange books and browse throughout the school day.
Students may check out up to four books at a time. The loan period for materials is one week; students may renew books. Notices are sent as a reminder to return any books that are overdue. We do not charge overdue fees.

Lost and Damaged Book Procedure

If your child loses or damages a book, he or she should inform the LRC staff so the book can be marked lost or damaged in our circulation system. Replacement costs may be assessed in PushCoin. A refund will be issued if the book is returned during the current school year.

e-readers, e-books, e-nooks…Oh My!

The ability to interact with a book in a digital format is one of the most exciting developments in education today! Recent research has shown that e-books help increase vocabulary, fluency, motivation, comprehension, and research skills.

Thanks to a matching grant by the St. Charles Education Foundation, D303 elementary schools have been able to purchase 275 single-use e-books and 9 unlimited simultaneous use e-books for our students to have constant access to books.

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Special Thanks

Many thanks to the Greater St. Charles Education Foundation for the generous grants that have benefited Lincoln Elementary School.

$1800 from the Foundation allowed the Elementary LRC Directors to add 209 copies of 148 wonderful ebook titles to our district elementary collection. These books became available for students to check out at the end of May 2013. Approximately 5900 students are enjoying the new titles as well as the expanded selection that we are now able to offer.

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